[VIDEO] Rahzel Jr (@RazahRahz) Interview w/ Sway in the Morning | #TheShopBlog

Ever seen someone you’ve grown with the past 10 years really coming into their own and chasing their dream?

Bill O’ Reilly Visits Jon Stewart On ‘The Daily Show’

[VIDEO] Bill O’ Reilly Visits Jon Stewart On ‘The Daily Show’ #TheShopBlog

If you watched Fox News TV host Bill O’Reilly before he probably said some things to confuse the crap out of you. It feels like dude is living in a totally different America than you. Even though his thoughts and ideals seem left field he has a strong following from crazy Americans who think like him. One person however who generally does not see eye to eye with him is Jon Stewartof ‘The Daily…

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The Progression of Hip Hop By: @ISwearIAintHit

[NEW POST] The Progression of Hip Hop By: @ISwearIAintHit | #TheShopBlog #HipHop

tumblr_n04j7eXD6r1sj3omto10_500[1]In order to address the progression of hip hop and how to progress the culture, we have to address the timeline. Hip Hop was born in the 80s which means my dad is older than hip hop. When you look at it that way, wouldn’t that mean we are still fairly in the beginning stages?

Hip Hop is world wide and probably THEE most influential culture after pop culture, which in my eyes we’ve surpassed. Hip…

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WordSmiff - #StackTober Freestyle

[INDIE HEAT] WordSmiff - #StackTober Freestyle | #TheShopBlog

The month of October is known as #Stacktober in honor of one of NYCs fallen soldiers, Stack Bundles. Wordsmiff got his hands on that “Temper Temper” instrumental and had his way with for this weeks offering of #WordSmiffWednesday. Check it out below! (more…)

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BET 2014 Hip Hop Cyphers

[VIDEO] BET 2014 Hip Hop Cyphers #TheShopBlog

Last night BET showcased their 2014 Hip-Hop awards and we all know what that means! The cyphers. Overall nothing over the top this but there was definetly a few moments. Easily Murda Mook was the biggest highlight of all the cyphers from this year. Will Drake vs Mook really happen? Only time will tell. Until then check out all the cyphers for your viewing pleasure below. (more…)

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HBO To Offer Subscription Based Streaming Service Next Year

Time to cut the cord. HBO To Offer Subscription Based Streaming Service #TheShopBlog

The Wire, any time, any where. No cable box required. (more…)

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[FUNNY VIDEO] If Girlfriends Were Honest While Arguing #TheShopBlog

This video is 110% accurate. Funny thing is I was working on a piece on 1 of the…

[NEW VIDEO] @TrayPizzy - “Oh No” | #TheShopBlog

Today we have been blessed with not only a visual, but… a movie. Tray Pizzy, known for his creative visuals doesn’t come up short on this release.

Big K.R.I.T. - Cadillactica

[NEW MUSIC] Big K.R.I.T. - Cadillactica #TheShopBlog

Big K.R.I.T. is ready to take us all to Cadillactica on November 11. Until the release of his next album he drops the title track for your listening pleasure. If you feeling this joint preorder his album here and we get the song today. (more…)

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Tsu Surf Vs Hitman Holla Smack/ Summer Madness Battle #TheShopBlog

URL is back with videos from this years Summer Madness, the “superbowl of MC battling.” Two feroucios spitters, …